Update and plans and competitions

Thank you for standing by us while Bodhi Balm took a break over the school holidays. Our family was fortunate to be able to spend Christmas over in Germany, and we were even lucky enough to see some snow, a first for the kids, who got to attempt snow angels and build a snowman. But, we are back home, and  back to reality, three kids back at school, and one turned 18 today and starts uni soon.

Bodhi Balm has been going strong now for around 18 months, this year I will continue with some fresh ideas to try and come up with a version of Bodhi Balm which is low or no bicarb, once I come up with something that works for myself and my family, I will be needing some testers, so if anyone is keen on trying it, please let me know and I will contact you when the time is right.

I have also decided to add a little something on the side, I came across a product called Sqoosh sweatbands a little while ago, from a small business owner in the US, so far they have not been available over here, and with postage, purchasing from the US is expensive. I bought one to try out, and love it so much, I am giving it a go, these will be available to purchase very soon, as they are currently making their way over here. If you would like to be notified when they arrive, you can leave your details on the listing on our website, or simply like our Facebook page Sqoosh sweatbands australia, where we will let you know for sure when you can purchase them.

I will also be running Two Competitions soon, one on each page, our Bodhi Balm page is getting closer to 1000 likes, something I never thought was possible in such a short amount of time, so I will be offering a voucher to be used on our website once we hit 1000, stay tuned for details on how to enter.

There will also be a second competition running on the SQoosh page, to try and get our likes going there, I would like to get to 100, and will offer a free sQoosh band when this happens, again, stay tuned on how to enter.

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