About Us

We have three girls, and a history of breast cancer on both sides of our family.

 It was important to find an aluminium free deodorant, for myself, and especially the girls.

 The commercially available Aluminium free deodorants seemed to be completely useless at keeping body odour away, so I researched and found something that works so much better, is 100% natural, and it keeps all body odour away for the whole day, yes it will last at least 12 hours if not longer.

100% Natural Vegan Deodorant, which is extremely effective at keeping body odours away all day long

Natural & Vegan ✔                                
Very Effective – smell great ! ✔         

Money back guarantee ✔                      
Men, women and kids ✔                        
85g tub for lasting value ✔                  
Plain and scented     ✔  

No Aluminum x
No Polysorbate x
No Propylene Glycol x
No Body Odor x
No staining clothes x
No Greasy Feel x