Natural Vegan Deodorant 85g

Natural Vegan Deodorant 85g

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100% Natural Vegan Deodorant

This listing is for 1 x 85g tub of deodorant

Twin pack available for $23.00, enter discount code TWINPACK

5 pack available for $55.00, enter discount code 5PACK

- Extremely effective at keeping body odors away all day long.
- No staining to shirts
- Great value, one tub should last at least a month for most
- Suitable for Men, Women and Children

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Simply use clean fingers to apply a pea sized amount to each armpit

Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut oil, Kaolin Clay, Organic Arrowroot Powder, Organic Baking Soda, Candelilla wax, and Essential Oils.

Please note:
- This product is not an antiperspirant, and nor do you want it to be, sweating is a healthy body function that should not be suppressed, however using Bodhi balm natural deodorant will take away all body odor.
- The consistency of this product does vary slightly with room temperature.

-The Vanilla deodorant may darken over time, the oil contains Vanillin. Vanillin discoloration is a 100% natural process, which can only be slowed down by adding chemicals, and as Bodhi Balm is 100% natural, we chose not to. The discolouration does not change how Bodhi Balm works, and will not stain your clothes

Money back guarantee with return of product if not 100% happy