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Green Living: Bodhi Balm Organic Ingredients

Deodorants and other cosmetics are applied to the skin, and this is a pathway to absorb chemicals. If, like us, you are concerned about what chemicals go into your body, you will want natural ingredients that are preferably organic. We use natural non-synthetic ingredients, 99% of which are certified organic. Some other minor ingredients, such as vanilla scented oil, we are still trying to seek certified organic supplies. But overall we are happy our product is unique compared to all other natural products. We are aiming for affordable green-living while making sure you smell so sweet!
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Dangers of Deodorant Aerosols: Worse than You Thought


I continue to be concerned about the dangers of common skin care and grooming products like deodorant aerosols. This article a few years ago in the UK Daily Mail is another striking story…/The-hidden-dangers-deodorant-s…

The article highlights the dangers of inhaling aerosol deodorants, as well as skin reactions, allergies and heart problems. There was even a fatality of a young boy from the build up of butane and propane over many months.

I always thought those deodorant aerosols were pretty bad – they made me cough if I inhaled too much, and the smell was pretty tasteless and overpowering anyway. Add on top all the nasty chemicals and I can’t think of anything worse now.

We created Bodhi Balm in large part from these type of concerns. We thought there had to be a way to avoid the nasty chemicals and risks, and apply something natural that the body loves, not hates! We also thought we had to trade off smell and tolerate increased body odour from ditching these chemicals – but actually the opposite was true!

After about a year of using our own recipe of natural ingredients, and finding just the right mix and production techniques we decided to make Bodhi Balm available to others. In the short time we have done this, we have been blown away with the response and also the great feedback. We plan to keep spreading the love for your underarms and hopefully get many people to ditch those deodorants with the nasty chemicals, health risks, animal testing and ineffective odour control.

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Getting stocked up for our first markets on Saturday

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Do you know what is in your roll on deodorants?



I was shocked when I found out what was in roll-on (and spray) deodorant, even the aluminium free products. The main ingredients tend to be: alcohol (nice way to dry the skin), water, Polysorbate 20 (a detergent and emulsifier) and Propylene Glycol (a preservative). None of these are of much actual benefit to you. They act as either the "delivery method" liquid for the roll-on or preservative. The next ingredients on the list are then the active beneficial ingredients and scents that are meant to be good for your under-arm and get rid of body odour. There can be plenty of other dubious chemicals too depending on the product.

The manufacturer does not tell you the actual amount of beneficial active ingredients they put in. Given they are usually scents and oils (such as tea tree oil) and lower on the list, we can say these are low in volume. Let's be very generous and suppose it is 10%. That means out of a 50ml roll-on that you pay about $5 for, you only get 5ml of the good stuff, and the rest is filler. It could be harmful filler too! For example, the World Health Organisation recommends daily limits on Polysorbate 20!

So if you buy a 50ml bottle, it may last a few weeks, while using 2.5ml per day per arm. Only 10%, or .25ml of this, is actually any good for odour control. But that is such a tiny amount - about 10 times smaller than a pea! On top of this insult, the rest of the roll-on has all those other undesirable chemicals I mentioned earlier such as alcohol, detergents/emulsifiers and preservatives! Seriously?

That's why we made Bohdi Balm. It has no horrible chemicals and a pea-sized daily application is 100% dense with active, natural and nourishing ingredients that are astonishingly effective against body odour. Even the coconut oil, which is the primary "delivery method" has known beneficial and hydrating properties for the skin. No wonder your under-arms are probably sick of those nasty and weak store-bought deodorant roll-ons and sprays! Show them some love and smell great at the same time.

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